Our Services


Well Repair has many years of experience in semiconductor consumables, parts machining, and modification, its products are widely used in ion implantation, thin film and other process equipment in major semiconductor factories. We also provide testing and modification services for customers to improve product quality and performance and increase competitiveness of their products.


The Semiconductor manufactures choose and purchase used equipment or modify and optimize their production equipment for the throughput arrangements and quick response or low cost in beginning of production line which are general solutions for years ; Our group has done the used equipment projects (Thin Finn, Diffusion, Etch…etc.) around the world in past 15 years and we keep going on providing high C/P solutions for customers.

Repairs & Overhaul

A variety of testing instruments and test platforms are available for the inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment and machinery of various brands such as AMAT, Axcelis, and Novellus. Axcelis GSD HE is installed in the factory and can be used for parts testing and exchange in the case of urgent customer requests.


Well Repair’s engineering team has core capabilities and practical experience in semiconductor equipment and electrical engineering. They are equipped with a variety of professional measuring instruments, calibration fixtures, etc. and can provide customers with immediate and professional solutions.

Our Products


Well-Repair/威力沛科技-4-Axis & Rotary Motor Controller PCBs Test

Well Repair/威力沛科技-Axcelis Gauss meter amplifier PCBs test

Well-Repair/威力沛科技-Axcelis Resonator Tuning(OEM P/N:1100370)

About Us

In the beginning, the initial team ran a workshop to serve customers & clients in Taiwan & China before Well Repair was found in 2013 to expand to a world-wide business, Well Repair appreciates all friend’s and partner’s help and established a partnership with Synergy-Semi.

Well Repair purchased its own factory in Zhudong Township Hsinchu County in 2017 thanks to the hard work of all the employees, and also serves as a milestone to remind Well Repair to keep going for sustainable growth & sustainable operation.